Medical Staff

GSSC Medical staff consists of a team of prominent surgeons and anesthesiologists whose focus is on providing you with high quality surgical procedures in a safe, comfortable and friendly environment.  The  physicians who work at GSSC are highly qualified, experienced and board-certified in their field.

Meet Our Physicians

*Denotes physician owner

General Surgery

Albert Alexander M.D.*
Burritt Haag M.D.*

Urology Surgery

Kevin Asher M.D.
Stephen Gallo M.D.*
Joshua Pagar M.D.
Jonathan Starkman M.D.*
William Swanson M.D.*
Michael Zavaski M.D.*
Andrew Kim M.D.
Joseph Sarcona M.D.

Cosmetic Surgery

Glen Brooks M.D.


Anesthesia Services provided by Charter Anesthesiology LLC