Medical Staff

GSSC Medical staff consists of a team of prominent surgeons and anesthesiologists whose focus is on providing you with high quality surgical procedures in a safe, comfortable and friendly environment.  The  physicians who work at GSSC are highly qualified, experienced and board-certified in their field.

Meet Our Physicians

*Denotes physician owner

General Surgery

Albert Alexander M.D.*
Burritt Haag M.D.*
Daniel Morrison M.D.*

Urology Surgery

Kevin Asher M.D.
Stephen Gallo M.D.*
Joshua Pagar M.D.
Leonard Shaker M.D.*
Jonathan Starkman M.D.*
William Swanson M.D.*
Michael Zavaski M.D.
Robert White M.D.


Toni Chahla M.D.
Michael Chalifoux M.D.
Lester Chua M.D.
Craig Collins M.D.
Neil Connelly M.D.
Randahl Cooley M.D.
Stanlies D’Souza M.D.
Omar Ezziddin M.D.
Muhammad Isa M.D.
Brian Martin M.D.
Poornachandran Manikantan M.D.
Rochelle McLaren M.D.
Jonathan Ross M.D.
Clara Sanders M.D.
John Stenglein M.D.
Hemantha Sunkara M.D.
Vatsala Tewari-Chwala M.D.
Derek Rosner D.O.
Christina Awtrey C.R.N.A.
Stephen Bail C.R.N.A.
M. Grace Joyce C.R.N.A.
Katherine Marx C.R.N.A.
Julie Sylvester C.R.N.A.
Jason Weakley C.R.N.A.



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